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Journey Through the Chakra's is an album to help you while you meditate or just want to relax. When you listen, you'll find yourself drawn away from normal life. Every track corresponds to the music note associated with that chakra.

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Jeroen van Rooij is a New Age/Ambient producer, sound designer and Reiki master from the Netherlands. In the late 80′s he discovered ScreamTracker and was immediately addicted to electronic music.

When Jeroen needed relaxing and healing music for his Reiki practice, he bypassed buying albums and created his own dreamy and atmospheric magic!

Jeroen is influenced by many bands and composers, including Pink Floyd, Aeoliah, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Mike Oldfield, Rammstein, Infected Mushrooms, Astral Projection, Moby and Blank & Jones. And many more…